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Join a Pack of More Than 15,000 Graduates

Congratulations, Panther! Not only are you joining a family of more than 250,000 alumni from across the world upon graduation, but you also have the opportunity to join a Panther Pack of 15,000 graduates with special access to Class of 2021 FIU swag, resources, and much more.

The FIU Alumni Panther Pack connects you to a culture of engagement, networking, prestige, and Blue & Gold – the ultimate stride of Panther Pride! 

Did you know that your participation, as an FIU alumnus or alumna, makes a difference when it comes to FIU's national rankings, further increasing the value of your degree? 

  • More than15,000 graduates in our Panther Pack
  • Giving means our national rankings go UP
  • Just $25 will get you a network of global Panthers, FIU swag, and much more

Get Your Class of 2021 T-Shirt, FIU Swag, and MORE!