Panther Networks

Welcome to your Panther Communities!

We can help you find and connect with fellow Panthers in your area. FIU Alumni Panther Communities support the growth and advancement of FIU alumni across the globe. Together, we can build stronger bonds, achieve great things and make every region of the world Panther territory. 

Mix and mingle with alumni at happy hours, community service events, football watch parties and more. There's a Panther Community event for everyone, and most events are free and open to FIU friends and family.

By getting involved with your Panther Communities, you can help support your community and your alma mater. Networks focus on student recruitment, career networking, athletic support, social networking, fundraising and advocacy for FIU. There are three types of communities: college-based, geographic/international-based and affinity-based.

There is no membership fee to participate in a Panther Communities.

Are you a network leader? Click here to access the network toolkit.



Let’s get started

Wherever your journey takes you – or has taken you – you're never far away from FIU. We're family, after all. And like any family, it's important to stay in touch and get together often. We bring Panther Networks to you, so you can connect to others who share your interests and your Panther mindset, no matter where you are.