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Re-Union Reflections; Wills, Walls, Wells Webinar

Contributed by Natalie Butto, Management Professor and Workshop Facilitator 

It is autumn, which symbolizes transition, and reunion time at many colleges. FIU recently hosted their roaring Reunion week, and I just returned from a Georgetown Hoya Lawya reunion in DC.

The anticipation of reunions can spark a variety of feelings including excitement, nostalgia and doubt. Graduates might evaluate their progress since graduation and whether this lives up to their expectations of where they want to be, where they “should” be, or how that compares to others – including their profession, income, looks and relationship/family status. We may gain weight, but more importantly, have we gained wisdom?

Through outreach as a reunion committee volunteer, I heard feedback from people who hesitated to attend because they felt they were not in a good place or where they wanted to be. Whether someone chooses to participate in official events, reunions are actually a good time for personal reflection by our own standards and a re-union with our own values and goals.

What is important to you and are you living based on these values? How can you enhance such awareness and choices? And even more importantly – are you grateful for and can you show up as you are now?

Showing up affirms our presence and creates opportunities to enhance our collective future. Graduating from college is an accomplishment and opportunity far beyond a degree. It opens doors to a lifelong network of alumni connections, programs and resources to support us throughout our professional lives.

FIU Alumni Association is launching a new career development series and I am delighted to present one of the first webinars.

To get what you want, it is important to identify what that is, acknowledge and confront obstacles and leverage the resources which support you. Through the “Wills Walls Wells” program, I provide a framework and sample tools for clarifying your Will, understanding and dealing with your Walls, and tapping the Well of resources to support your progress.

Register and join us on Tuesday Nov. 1 at 12noon-1pm ET.

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