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Barbara Llaneras-Rodriguez ’02, MBA ’12 makes a difference

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Barbara Llaneras-Rodriguez ’02, MBA ’12
Associate Director, Research Integrity
FIU Office of Research & Economic Development


barbara-rodriguez-200x300What do you love most about FIU and your involvement here?

FIU is like a second home to me. My mother enjoyed working here at FIU for 30 years and during her employment, I grew along with the University. In an amusing way, I see FIU as my childhood home. I’ve made wonderful memories here and I truly cherish not only the incredible opportunities that I’ve had here at FIU, but also appreciate and value the education I received. I have stayed employed with my Alma Mater for almost 13 years now and have continued to grow not only professionally, but also academically.

What advice would you give to a potential donor who is considering investing in FIU?
Please take a walk or a drive around the FIU campuses and look around at where all of the contributions from previous donors have gone. Your contribution will not go to waste. The University’s growth has not only been beneficial to current and future students, but to the community as well. Why would you want to miss out on being a part of the FIU legacy?!

Where has life taken you since graduating from FIU?
After graduating from FIU in 2002 with a Bachelor in Business Administration, I was hired to work in research administration here at FIU. In 2009, I met my husband and we welcomed our son. In 2012, I obtained my Master in Business Administration and also gave birth to our daughter. I look forward to one day pursuing my doctoral degree. I love being part of the FIU family. It brings me joy to see how far this University has grown. We are now ranked in top tier of research universities, to be part of that is a true honor!


Barbara gave back as part of Ignite, the faculty and staff campaign for FIU. Learn more

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