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After years of reflection, I realize that the starting point for many of my successes started at FIU.

I believe it all started when I received my commission as a 2LT in the Army through the FIU Army ROTC program. But perhaps I should back track even further. I was a Soldier serving on active duty in the 82nd Airborne Division in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, when I was accepted into the Green-to-Gold Program. FIU was the catalyst for that program, specifically MAJ Wolly Gallart. He recruited me into the Panther Battalion. From the moment I arrived, I knew it was time to perform.


FIU drives excellence. The US Army leadership development program, known as Army ROTC, is perfectly aligned with the tenants of the university: producing leaders within the community. I never felt so tuned in to people and community. The desire to strive in all areas of my life was amplified. Those few years flew by. After graduation, I was commissioned and went on to serve and enjoy an amazing career as an Army Officer.

About ten years later, I came back to FIU to earn an MBA. Once again, I was invigorated with the same energy that charged me as a cadet a decade before, but this time, I was approaching new ventures in the private sector. FIU did not disappoint. Not only was the CMBA program challenging academically, but the support I received – from Dr. Nancy Richmond in career services and from the former Dean of College of Business – was equivalent to winning the lottery! Their mentorship and support sent me to the 2013 National Society of Hispanic MBAs conference and to the life altering decision of entrepreneurship.

ClbvAmhWEAAmxMgToday, I enjoy the fruits of all those efforts. I lead a company that works hard on behalf of our clients, employees and subcontractors.
My family enjoys the amazing South Florida lifestyle, and I feel confident in the future. I know that the foundation for everything that I am experiencing today is in part due to the hard work my family, partners and community have put forth; however, I would be remiss not to acknowledge that I have a huge advantage over my competition due to the education, principals, values and experiences I gained while at FIU.

Truly #WorldsAhead!


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Special thanks to JC Gómez for sharing his FIU Story

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