FIU Celebrates 50 Years with Collage by Erika King

Donning her signature hat, Erika King walks me through the creation of her latest collage – a large, commemorative piece commissioned for FIU’s 50th anniversary.

FIU’s colors, blue and gold, weave between each image while celebratory splashes of red suggest fireworks, evoking energy and movement.

The piece encompasses the history of FIU, guiding the viewer from the groundbreaking ceremony to present day. Erika hopes her work will “help spark memories” for our alumni, through images of sports, activities, and Panther Alumni Week.

 Cash McMahon, Erika King and Duane Wiles, Alumni Association Associate Vice President and Executive Director.


A University committee was organized to discuss and select compelling images for the collage. Erika collaborated closely with the committee and her agent, Cash McMahon, and the selection process took about eight months. Once the images were agreed upon, Erika spent close to two months creating the piece, carefully arranging and gluing each picture. “Every image was placed with intention,” she explains.

“Creating a collage for FIU’s 50th anniversary was an honor,” says Erika, “and I am grateful for the opportunity.” Erika feels closely connected to FIU’s museums and highlights the importance and impact of FIU reaching beyond campus and into the community.

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