Career Development

Make Your Email Signature Work for You!

After a client schedules an appointment, I send them a confirmation email. I open up MS Word, select all, copy, paste into a new email, edit, and then send.

After doing this 189 times since July, I caught myself staring at my email and said: “How can I make this easier and faster for myself?”

It came to me – make this entire email one of my signatures!

It worked! This simple change increased my work effectiveness and speed when communicating with clients.

Think about your “template” emails. These can include thank you emails, event confirmations, scheduling requests or ones that you consistently send to clients, colleagues, prospects, etc. Make these emails custom signatures.

This small change has already saved me time, stress and motivated me to look at other manual processes to see how I can automate and streamline.

Embrace innovation even in the smallest form, every day.

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