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Panther Q&A: Lily Savinon ’10

Lily SavinonHow would you describe your years as an FIU student?
Some of the best years of my life! Those were the years that molded me as a leader, showed me the importance of community service, and developed my skills in Marketing/Advertising. It’s also where I met my best friends and my husband! Those 4 years flew and the sense of accomplishment of wearing the cap and gown is one of my fondest memories.

How did FIU prepare you to get where you are professionally?
FIU definitely gave me the building blocks; professors were inspiring, and above all, got me thinking globally. That training was invaluable in my higher education and now my professional life, especially being an entrepreneur in the melting pot that is Miami!

Specifically, was there any course(s) or professor(s) that helped you as you started your career?
Business Communications/Branding Yourself (something like that). I remember that’s the class that polished my presentation skills that I use all the time now in presenting, pitching, and interviewing. It’s a huge component in my industry!

What do you have planned for the future of LD Creative?
Big things! LD Creative has developed to better cater to the demand we’ve had. We started off only offering digital services, then expanded into print, and most recently into custom apparel. As far as the future, I’d love to see it grow into a brand that our community is familiar with and they love and trust.

How are you and LD Creative looking to collaborate with the FIU Alumni Association?
LD Creative has worked with various departments at FIU and is now starting to work with the Alumni Association. You can count on us to provide you with as much support as we can in growing alumni engagement and enhancing the brand!

Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay engaged/connected with FIU?
We should all have pride in the institution that gave us the education to be successful! It’s great to come back for a football game and see how much it’s grown and how the panther pride is starting to transcend generations. It’s up to us to make it the place that people want their kids to attend!

Is there any advice you would give to current students and/or young alumni?
Put time into FIU while you’re there – make valuable connections, get involved, talk to your professors (they’re people too, you know), and if you can, find a mentor. When you put that kind of devotion into something, you’ll grow a passion for it and it’ll make your experience so much better. Then, you’ll come back as alumni and you’ll get this fuzzy feeling from the place that feels like home.

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