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Google That Question

Let’s get something straight.

Whatever question you have, about anything, you can search in Google.

Job searching questions are no different.

You can read articles from experts in the field. Forbes, US News, The Muse, Fast Company, Ask a Manager, and Glassdoor, are just a few of the hundreds of career and industry sites out there.

From your research, you will have additional questions.

These higher level questions, are the ones you ask professionals. Not “low hanging fruit” questions that are answered quickly from a search.

Example of a low hanging fruit question is:
“How do you answer the question: ‘tell me about yourself’?”

An example of a higher level question would be:
“I have worked on my intro for interviewing and networking sessions. Can you let me know how my pitch sounds?”

In improv, one of the mantras is play to the top of your intelligence. The same goes for job searching.

If you ask a professional, a LinkedIn contact, career advisor, or someone in your industry a low hanging fruit question, it can say a lot about your resourcefulness, professionalism, career readiness, understanding of your industry and what it takes to be successful.

So think before you ask.

Better yet, Google it.


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