Alumni Spotlight

February 2015 Member Spotlight

Jean Rivers

Janet Lopez

FIU Degree: B.A. in International Relations

Graduation Year: 2014

Member since: 2014

Profession: Graduate Student at Tulane University

Why she joined the FIU Alumni Association: I joined the FIU Alumni Association to stay connected to my alma mater in various ways. I love seeing how the University continues to grow through the support of alumni members and gives me the motivation to one day be a supporting alumna as well.

What does FIU mean to her: FIU has been the motivation and the inspiration for all the successes in my adult life. FIU has given me strong mentors that continue to support me to this day, lifelong friendships, professional development and the academic rigor to be a successful graduate student. FIU is the important big moments like Panther Camp, alternativeBreaks and Homecoming. It is most importantly the countless little moments that happened everyday, someone who listened to me, a supportive classmate and a smile in GC.

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