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November 2014 Member Spotlight

Christi Fraga

Christi Fraga

FIU Degree: B.A. in Finance

Graduation Year: 2010

Lifetime Member since: 2010

Profession: Vice Mayor for the City of Doral and Entrepreneur

Why she joined the FIU Alumni Association: As a Panther, it’s important to stay in touch with my alma mater. I felt the FIU Alumni Association was the best way to keep me informed and engaged with FIU through activities, programs and publications. I know the FIU Alumni Association will provide many opportunities and will only enhance the value of my degree.

What does FIU mean to herWhen I think about FIU and my higher education three words come to mind: Foundation, Ingenuity and Unity. While at FIU, I developed both personally and professionally which helped me lay the foundation for the future that I am enjoying today, as well as the one to which I look forward. I learned cutting edge concepts in my field that not only awakened my ingenuity, but also proved to be invaluable in my plight to become a “serial entrepreneur.” With that ingenuity, I purposed myself to innovate not just within my own field of expertise, but in others as well, and the results have been remarkable. Since graduation, I have experienced a genuine connection with my fellow alumni and I have realized that is in our unity that most of our contributions to FIU’s future will surely rest. I look forward to being part of that unity for many years to come and remain thankful of everything FIU has done for me.

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