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Alumni Chapter Leaders Gather in Miami to Inspire One Another

On March 21 and 22, 30 alumni chapter leaders from Los Angeles to Jamaica gathered for a summit to collaborate on how to best spread the Worlds Ahead message in each of their communities. During the summit, attendees were briefed on new initiatives and current events occurring on campus.

On March 21, attendees were invited to breakfast on the Biscayne Bay campus to energize for the day ahead. The leaders spent the day participating in a variety of lecture sessions designed to inspire innovation in their own chapters. Alumni Association Executive Director and Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations Duane Wiles welcomed the alumni home and emphasized participation in the development of the Alumni Center. Several representatives of the Alumni Association spoke about the importance of advocacy, involvement in recruiting events for potential students and association members, and our chapter web and social media pages. The group was delighted to enjoy lunch at The Wine Spectator Restaurant Management Lab, an on-campus, student-run site created to provide students with an unparalleled learning experience.

On March 22, leaders were invited to share chapter success stories that showed just how passionate our leaders are about their involvement in our alumni chapters. They discussed events, activities and best practices used by different chapter leaders, allowing them an opportunity to brainstorm and think about developing similar events and activities in their cities. President Mark B. Rosenberg hosted a cocktail party and dinner to close the summit, during which he challenged all our chapter leaders to keep reaching higher and inspire everyone in their respective chapters. As leaders, they were encouraged to spread the FIU mission and focus on recruitment and expanding FIU’s presence across the country. We hope the Chapter Leaders Summit will continue to serve as an inspiration to our leaders; reminding them just how far their Blue and Gold will take them.

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