Alumni Spotlight

June 2013 Member Spotlight


Ralph Rosado

FIU Degrees: BA and MA in English

Graduation Years: 1996, 2003

Profession: Executive Director, South Florida Community Development Coalition

Why he joined the FIU Alumni Association: I joined the Alumni Association while still an undergraduate at the school, because of the relationships I had forged with so many caring individuals that worked with me and taught at the school.

Professional Organizations: American Planning Association, the FIUAA Board of Directors, the Princeton Alumni Association of SFL, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and the Beacon Council’s New Leaders Task Force

Lifetime Member since: 1996

What does FIU mean to him: FIU means the world to me. The school helped a shy, introverted, awkward teenager become a responsible, engaged, mature adult. I have been actively involved with FIU since my freshman year, over 20 years ago. I give back every chance I get, including through many years of service as an officer of the FIU Alumni Association. That evolution is why today I am running for the Miami City Commission, so I can continue to give back to a community that has given so much to me.

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