Alumni Spotlight

April 2013 Member Spotlight


Marisol Sierra

FIU Degree: Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies, Minor: Marketing and Public Relations. Currently pursuing a Professional MBA with a specialization in marketing.

Graduation Year: 2009, MBA anticipated 2014

Profession: FIU Office of Alumni Relations; My Grooms Room

Why she joined the FIU Alumni Association: I bleed blue and gold! Aside from obtaining two degrees from FIU, I have worked a little over 10 years at FIU. This is institution not only developed me academically, but personally and professionally. The obvious reasons are the amazing perks I receive from being a member, but I joined because this was one of the best ways I could say “thank you.” FIU has been instrumental in developing, not only the network and social circle I have, but more importantly the individual I am today.

Professional Organizations: Kiwanis of Little Havana, CASE

Lifetime Member since: 2012


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