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Florida International University (FIU) Student Ambassadors are a select group of students who serve as hosts and hostesses for visiting dignitaries at numerous university and community functions. These events may include conferences held at FIU, convocations, guest lectures, athletic tailgates, President’s Council meetings, campus tours, and the annual Torch Awards Gala. The offices of the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Alumni Relations and other prominent areas within FIU work with Ambassadors for their various needs. Ambassadors are vital to the mission of the university.

Being selected as an FIU Ambassador is an honor and an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. Students who are selected as Ambassadors possess strong interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, a genuine interest in meeting new people, and a sense of school spirit and pride.

The Role of an Ambassador

  • Represent the university as official hosts and hostesses at various university and community events, both on and off campus.
  • Provide University-wide tours to visitors and alumni.
  • Provide support and philanthropic leadership for the student body, as needed, for Alumni Association events and meetings, including set up and preparation.

To review the many benefits and requirements for being an FIU Ambassador, please click here.

Student Ambassador Request Form

Please fill out and submit this form. All requests should be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled event.

A few things to remember:

    • Our FIU Student Ambassadors are non-paid, their compensation is the professional development and networking opportunities they get at university events, programs and tours. We encourage all university staff to support our Student Ambassadors as they endeavor to meet and network with the individuals at your events/tours. Feel free to highlight them as the star leaders they are, and help them in any way you can to make connections that may garner them a mentorship and/or potential internship/employment in the future.
    • Student Ambassadors are available to support your event, but whenever possible, please have them in impactful roles, interacting with guests. Although we all need assistance with registration and greeters, Student Ambassadors should be placed in more prominent roles as they represent the University in a unique way and their stories can add to your event.
    • Please keep in mind that FIU Student Ambassadors are available to add to your event as they represent a variety of colleges/schools of the University, they are a diverse group of undergraduate students. We ask that Student Ambassadors are not to be requested for set up and break down of events or to carry boxes, tables, chairs, etc.

Campus Tours Information:
NOTE: Student Ambassadors do not drive golf carts. If you'd like to make arrangements for a golf cart tour, please contact our colleagues in Parking & Transportation. To arrange for a campus golf cart and driver, click here.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Beatriz B. Newborn at the Office of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving at 305.348.6844 or via email at