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The moment you’ve been working toward is finally here: Graduation Day!

As you walk across the stage, you become a proud graduate of FIU, and we become your direct link to the Panther Network. You are now, and forever, part of the 215,000-strong FIU Alumni Association, and we're here to support you wherever your journey after graduation takes you.


Moving out of South Florida? No problem! Whether you’ll be living in the Northeast, the West Coast, Jamaica or anywhere in between, our 30 worldwide Panther Networks have you covered! Networking events, happy hours and community service events are just a few of the ways we bring FIU to you and show off our Panther Pride globally. Find a network near you.

Get Your Panther Plate Today

Switch to an FIU Panther Specialty Plate and show your Panther Pride! There has never been a better time to show your pride and support student scholarships!