To Buy or Not to Buy a Vacation Home?

You’ve always wanted to own a vacation home, and now you finally feel ready to make that purchase. Before you put an offer in for a cabin on the lake or condo in the mountains, consider the realities of owning a second property. Here are a few questions to think about before you finalize your […]

Diana Artunduaga Shares FIU Lovebird Story

I was once an International Student at FIU; it was a big dream of mine, which came true. I was so happy to study at such a beautiful University — so big, so clean, so modern! Well, I think you understand what I am talking about. I studied in the Graduate Management Program in International Business […]

An Introduction to Specialty Coffee

Miami is a revolutionary city, always on the forefront of fashion, design, art and music.  We are constantly trying to stay on top of current trends and thinking out of the box to create new ones. Yet for some reason this sort of tendency hasn’t translated to the city’s coffee offerings. Having such a diverse […]

A Jersey Boy’s Love Letter To South Florida

Dear South Florida, Originally from the shadows of NYC on the industrial northeast edge of New Jersey, when I first washed up on the shores of your young region, I was a young teenager. I was an ambitious lad with a chip on my shoulder. You were an ambitious region with a chip of your […]

6 Tips for Spending Wisely this Holiday Season

When holiday music is piped into malls and festive themes accompany some hard-to-miss sales, it’s no wonder people are compelled to overspend during the holidays. Here are six helpful tips to keep help keep your holiday spending in check this season. Start with a list. Even Santa knows it’s wise to make a list (and […]

Navigating Through Roadside Assistance Plans

You may not think about your roadside assistance plan much, but if you end up experiencing a breakdown you will be left hoping you chose the right plan. Although spending the time comparing and vetting out roadside providers may seem like a mundane task, the truth is, there are a variety of plans out there […]

Miami’s 21st Century Economy is Taking Shape at FIU

News of Miami’s economy tends to be dominated by the city’s volatile – and often controversial – real estate market. Gleaming condos towering over Biscayne Bay and multi-million-dollar cash deals between off-shore LLCs give it an extravagance that is hard to ignore. Foreign buyers fleeing unstable economic conditions in Latin America, Russia, and Israel are […]