How Can My Business Benefit From A PEO?

In the coming weeks we want to educate the FIU alumni business community about how using a PEO can help to solve some of the challenges of operating a business across highlighted industries & employer groups. Here are some key advantages of using a PEO for any business: Learn more at

Freaking Out Because the Dow is Down?

Freaking Out Because the Dow is Down?  These People Aren’t. Our financial planning clients get it. Sometimes the stock market gets ugly and accounts drop in value. You expect some panicked clients to call with orders to sell out of their investment portfolios. In fact, receiving a phone call or email from a flustered client […]

Student Loans: How to Tackle an Elephant

According to CNBC, there is more than “$1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, 40 million borrowers, an average balance of $29,000.” * Are you stressed out yet? Large student loan balances can be a significant cause of stress. Stress over loans can lead to resignation. “I’ll have student debt forever” is a refrain I […]

What’s sex got to do with it? FIU Ph.D. candidate examines the relationship between sexual functioning and fitness

Photos and Interview by Julie Natter ’04, MA ’09, 10 Lia Jiannine, FIU PhD candidate and Assistant Director of FIU Fitness Program, has examined sexual functioning and fitness in order to improve individual health and wellness.  Many who have taken her exercise classes know first-hand how passionate she is about fitness.  As Assistant Director of […]

You Are Generous. Give Creatively.

As a financial advisor I am privileged to work with many wonderful and generous people who want to leave a legacy – to leave money behind which will continue to accomplish the good works the donor did during his or her lifetime. Often we see or hear the names of prominent donors – sponsors of […]

Dining with 12 Panthers in 300 Words

The exclusive breakfast held on June 2nd, 2015  by the FIU Student Alumni Association was quite the experience (No, I am not writing about the food)! The event was hosted by Antonio Lyon ’09, CEO and Founder of successful start-up U-Glove, and Hiram Hernandez ’03, an equally successful independent business owner/financial adviser for Eagle Strategies, […]

FIU alumni help build Miami

Five FIU alumni – Oscar Morejon, Armando Diaz, Leonardo Rubio, David Gonzalez and Jorge Palancar – are part of one of the biggest construction projects in Downtown Miami. MET 3 is a multi-phased commercial construction project that began in December 2012. The building consists of a ground-level Whole Foods Market; a 12-story parking garage; and […]

Death and Taxes: Planning for the Inevitable

Now that tax season is officially over, it’s time to turn our attention to planning for the only other certainty of life. More than 100M people already have a legal will. Another 120M do not. If you’re in the group who has been putting this off for way too long, you may be surprised to […]

Basic Start-Up Questions

We are currently in an entrepreneurship era, which is an exciting time for those trying to live out their dreams.  However, being an entrepreneur is tough because there are so many demands and so many hats to wear.  Entrepreneurs are typically subject-matter experts in the business they are starting and accounting is sometimes looked at […]

Financial Checklist for Your Thirties and Forties

Your 30s and 40s can usher in a period in which your financial situation becomes increasing complex due to varied and sometimes conflicting priorities and expenses. You may find yourself contributing financially to support aging relatives at the same time you’re providing for your children – and trying to save for long-term financial goals of […]