Tina Vidal ’02, ’04: The Leader of the Pack

When Tina Vidal ’02, ’04 boarded a plane from Las Vegas to Miami on New Year’s Day in 2015, she knew her dream was about to take flight. Over the course of the five-hour plane ride, Tina incorporated her new business venture, Pooch Perks, a lifestyle pet subscription box of unique plush and durable dog toys, […]

Gaston Rossato ’08: Always in the Driver’s Seat

Growing up in Miami, Gaston Rossato ‘08 was surrounded by family and business. From Argentinian and Italian decent, his close-knit family emigrated from Argentina to Miami in the early 80’s and in no time, the family and business were growing in size. Gaston observed his entrepreneurial father build a successful career in the automotive industry. […]

From FIU to Pollo Tropical

FIU alumna Ashley Wojnar ’10 began her education at FIU with the hopes of creating a circle of long lasting friends. Although she grew up in Miami and was deeply ingrained in the community, she wanted to make new connections and expand her network. As a student, she was involved in SGA and also took […]

Let your involvement open doors

Get involved. Luis Masieri ’13 can’t stress its importance enough. With his active involvement at FIU, Luis was able to network, leave his mark on our university and open up doors that affected his future for the better. As a student, Luis was a member of the Honors College and later became a Student Ambassador for the FIU Student Alumni […]

Prism Music Group revolutionizes Miami’s entertainment scene

In comparison to other U.S. cities, Miami’s budding arts and entertainment scene was missing the avenues to grow and showcase itself. There was never really a lack of musical and artistic talent in South Florida, however there was a shortage in the marketing and promotion of these talents. That’s what Isabella Acker and The Prism […]

May 2015 Member Spotlight

Brett Dunne FIU Degrees: B.S. in Hospitality Management Graduation Years: 1989 Lifetime Member since: 2014 Profession: Executive Vice President at Disaronno International Why he joined the FIU Alumni Association: I joined the Alumni Association because I am proud to be a Golden Panther and so very proud of how far the University has come since my graduation 25 years […]

Reliving FIU’s history

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how FIU’s first buildings got their diverse names, FIU alumna Dr. Diane Spurlock ’75 has your answer. Actually, she was directly involved in the process as the chair of a student committee that was established to serve as the official liaison between the FIU administration and the student body. […]

U-Glove: Because Our Alumni Care

It’s easy to agree that one of the least desirable parts of self-service gas stations is having no choice but to handle an unsanitary pump. FIU alumnus, Antonio Lyon ‘09, certainly shares in that sentiment. Fuel nozzles are one of the most widely used public surfaces and, therefore, are highly contaminated with a variety of […]

The Dahlin Legacy

U.S. Coast Guard veteran Arnie Dahlin recalls one of the first times he ever set his eyes on FIU. “On one of our return air search and rescue missions, we diverted our flight path down and headed west flying over the Tamiami Trail. I happened to have my camera at the time and I leaned out […]

Alumna Helena Ramirez named one of Forbes 30 Under 30

Helena Ramirez, 26 Eastern Coalitions Coordinator, LIBRE Initiative Puerto Rico native coordinates with entrepreneurs, churches and women in the Hispanic community for Koch-affiliated conservative group. She was the inaugural chair of She Should Run’s Frontrunners, encouraging more women to run for public office, and helped with first GOP Hispanic digital outreach strategy in the 2012 […]