You Graduated, Now What?

“I graduated…so, now what do I do?” Many recent graduates are faced with this daunting question not long after commencement and don’t exactly know how to answer it. “We find that when FIU students graduate they feel somewhat abandoned or lost by the system. What do they do next? And how do they acquire and achieve their job […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Dream Job

There’s no such thing as a dream job. The mentality of “if I was just doing ___, then I’ll be happy” is not only untrue, but dangerous thinking. Why? Because it’s a hypothetical. It lives in the future. It’s not reality. That’s a lot of pressure that you are putting on yourself. That’s a lot […]

This is How You Job Search

Applying to job postings is not job searching. It’s applying to job postings. If you apply to a job posting without tailoring your resume and cover letter to fit that job description, you’re probably not getting a call back for an interview. If you don’t know anyone at the company, you’re probably not getting a […]

Become an Emerging City Champion

The K880 Emerging City Champions Fellowship is now open for applications from young civic innovators with ideas to make their cities more livable. Supported by Knight Foundation and led by 8-80 Cities, the fellowship is open to innovators based in the eight resident communities where Knight invests: Akron, Ohio; Charlotte, N.C.; Detroit; Macon, Ga.; Miami; Philadelphia; San […]

PSA: Stop putting your mailing address on your resume

It has come to my attention that there is no need to put your physical mailing address on your resume. You are applying for jobs, networking, and interviewing. Potential employers aren’t going to physically mail you anything at this stage of the game. Plus, if you’re applying in the tech/digital space, you don’t want to […]

Vulnerability and Ego in Your Job Search

I quit my job last August. I was unhappy. I was stressed. I got asthma. It wasn’t worth it. I walked away. I found myself job searching, without a safety net. Without knowing where to go. I turned to LinkedIn, where I reconnected and reengaged with my network. I met with 40 people in 3 […]

Basic Start-Up Questions

We are currently in an entrepreneurship era, which is an exciting time for those trying to live out their dreams.  However, being an entrepreneur is tough because there are so many demands and so many hats to wear.  Entrepreneurs are typically subject-matter experts in the business they are starting and accounting is sometimes looked at […]

Alumni Career Webinars : Enhance Your Professional Development

The FIU Alumni Association is proud to bring you Alumni Career Webinars: a series of online events geared towards professional and career development.  Starting at 8pm EST, participate in dynamic sessions by the country’s leading authors and speakers on job searching. Upcoming Events: Got A Bad Boss? Work That Boss to Get What You Want […]

Alumni Give Back During PAW

Between busy schedules and FIU’s ever-expanding campuses, some Panthers find it challenging to come back and visit our vibrant University after graduation. In pairing that with our alumni’s eagerness to give back to the community, Panther Alumni Week (PAW) was created. During this week of service, our exceptional alumni are invited to return as guest […]