FIU Granted Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence by the European Commission

FIU has received a grant from the European Commission to establish a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Supported by a three-year, 100,000-euro grant by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, FIU, through itsSteven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs, will be a focal point of competence and knowledge on issues and subjects […]

Universities Join Forces to Tackle Urban Water Crises

With drought conditions putting a strain on resources throughout South Florida, FIU is investigating long-term solutions to water crises as part of a newly launched consortium. The Urban Water Innovation Network (UWIN) is comprised of 14 academic institutions and key partners across the United States. Colorado State University is leading the urban water initiative, which focuses on […]

What’s sex got to do with it? FIU Ph.D. candidate examines the relationship between sexual functioning and fitness

Photos and Interview by Julie Natter ’04, MA ’09, 10 Lia Jiannine, FIU PhD candidate and Assistant Director of FIU Fitness Program, has examined sexual functioning and fitness in order to improve individual health and wellness.  Many who have taken her exercise classes know first-hand how passionate she is about fitness.  As Assistant Director of […]

Wolfsonian–FIU to Present Interdisciplinary Survey Following Tropical Plants from the Jungle to the Home

Philodendron: From Pan-Latin Exotic to American Modern opens October 16, 2015 and features rarely seen objects from around the world, many on public display for the first time Exhibition celebrates the pervasive, cross-cultural influence of Latin American plant life on U.S. and European fashion, art, cinema, architecture, and design Philodendrons and other Central and South American […]

Students Become Advocates for the Disabled in Europe

Getting around in a wheelchair can be draining – especially when traveling abroad. “You’d think you’re there sitting and relaxing but it takes a lot out of your body,” said Juan Agudelo, 24, a senior majoring in recreational therapy. “The constant vibration of the wheelchair, the up and down at sidewalks, going over curbs all […]

FIU Organizes Major Exhibition Focusing on Catastrophe and Promethean Peril

This November, The Wolfsonian–Florida International University will present Margin of Error, an exhibition exploring cultural responses to mechanical mastery and engineered catastrophes of the modern age—the shipwrecks, crashes, explosions, collapses, and novel types of workplace injury that interrupt the path of progress. Revealing the consequences of mankind’s endeavor to defy and exceed limits, Margin of […]

Protecting Yourself from Rare Flesh-eating Bacteria Found on Florida’s Beaches

The Florida Health Department has warned residents and tourists of a rare form of flesh-eating, potentially deadly bacteria that has made its way to Florida beaches. Vibrio vulnificus has already infected eight people this year, killing two. FIU News sat down with Dr. Consuelo Beck-Sagué, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at FIU’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work, to […]

Historic Shark Census Catches Predators on Camera

Researchers are embarking on the largest-ever attempt to survey the world’s shark populations. Predators are disappearing from the oceans in alarming numbers with nearly a quarter of shark, ray and skate species threatened with extinction. The lack of comprehensive and up-to-date data on species abundance and distribution is hindering efforts to protect and replenish these ecologically […]

Legislative Session Report 2015

tallahassee capitol building
This year, the Florida Legislature provided nearly $30 million in new and restored funding for FIU. Governor Rick Scott signed the 2015-16 budget Tuesday morning. Below are the $21.8 million in FIU projects that were newly funded by the Legislature and approved by the Governor: $11 million net increase in Performance Funding $2.3 million for the Satellite Chiller […]