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Alumnus helps companies navigate the new world of remote work

–By Jordan Cross-Ogiste for FIU News

Ilan Timerman ’19 has never been one to sit back at any organization of which he has been a part.

During his time at FIU—before he graduated with a bachelor’s in sustainability and the environment—Timerman was campus director for Hult Prize; a staff member at StartUP FIU; secretary of transportation and safety in student government; a member of the Global Civic Engagement Advisory Board under the Center for Leadership and Service; an Honors College student; and a Global Learning Medallion (GLM) recipient.

Now he serves as a product specialist at Qualtrics in Utah, helping clients navigate the world of remote work during the coronavirus pandemic. He credits many of the skills that help him to excel at his job to his experiences as a global learning student.

In his position, Timerman supports Qualtrics users—who range from students trying to use the software for class assignments at a university to large-scale corporations—find the best way to gather and understand insights from their customers and employees.

“Qualtrics allows companies to understand human emotions, beliefs, sentiments and values,” Timerman says. “Our platform enables them to close some of the world’s biggest ‘experience gaps’ that exist within small teams and even global organizations by helping companies identify the gap between what a customer expects and what they’re actually receiving. My core job is assisting clients with implementing
and using the platform.”

Timerman spoke to FIU News about how his time at the university has benefited him.

How has your job changed since the work-from-home order due to the coronavirus?

A new part of my job is supporting clients who are using one of the new solutions Qualtrics released early on in our work-from-home phase. Shortly after we all moved to remote work, Qualtrics released solutions to enable our customers to help their employees during remote work, such as understanding what their employees need in order to feel supported and productive.

How has being a Global Learning student aided you in your professional life?

Global Learning has opened my eyes to understand that not everything has a model and helped me to empathize better. Before being involved with Global Learning, I didn’t think the same way that I do now. My interdisciplinary knowledge has grown, and I empathize better with coworkers. I think that same empathy also helps me to better support clients, too.

How do you plan to apply your global learning education moving forward?

I’m interested in getting involved with creating experiences for employee engagement and internal experiences within the company. Specifically using that skill of empathy that I developed through Global Learning to understand how to create great experiences for incoming employees and being able to identify gaps for others.

What would you say to students considering the Global Learning Medallion program? 

Definitely do it. It’s completely worth it to get so many different perspectives from so many different people. Also, being able to acquire the tools of being able to empathize better with others, identify gaps and see things from a different perspective is going to help you in the future, as it did with me.

Even getting into different interdisciplinary events and networking with so many inspiring people – it’s completely worth it.

The Global Learning Medallion is an interactive, participatory program consisting of an extensive series of courses and activities designed to enhance your global awareness, global perspective, and attitude of global engagement. Students seeking more information can visit this website or contact Taylor Saenz at

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