Student Ambassador Spotlight: Madalyn Medrano

Student Ambassador Spotlight




Madalyn Medrano
Expected Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Political Science & Public Relations with a Pre-Law Certificate


How would you describe your years as an FIU student?
I’m currently on my third year at FIU and I have absolutely loved this past year. I would say that FIU has given me several opportunities that I could not have imagined getting anywhere else. The community that FIU has is so supportive.

Why did you decided to join the Student Ambassador Program?
I decided to join the Student Ambassador Program because I initially wanted to get involved on campus but didn’t know what to join. I saw that the Student Ambassador Program is an elite program that gives its members the professional development and networking opportunities that no other program offered.

What would you say to another student who is thinking about applying to be a 2017 Ambassador?
I would inform them about all the perks of being a FIU Student Ambassador has such as networking with alumni and all the exclusive events we get to attend that are otherwise never seen by students. Plus how much of an honor it is to be a Student Ambassador!

What do you hope for this program and its future?
I hope that this program can become larger in group size so that during our recruitment season, we could continue to grow our diverse candidate pool. I also hope that this program becomes more recognized by our student population as what it is: an elite program. And lastly, to increase our funding so that we can really continue growing our potential because we would love taking the whole group of ambassador and apprentices to our leadership conferences, etc.

What other student organizations do you belong to?
I am currently a brother at Alpha Kappa Psi, the largest co-ed professional business fraternity.

Why are you a proud panther?
I am a proud panther because like I stated previously, FIU has given me everything that I am today. I am a curious student of FIU, a hard working employee of FIU, a resident at FIU, and a very proud panther of FIU!

What has your best memory as a Student Ambassador?
My best memory as a Student Ambassador was at the CASE Conference for the ASAPD 316 trip to Kentucky. Being around other Student Ambassador organizations, I grew an even bigger appreciation and honor for being a Student Ambassador myself. Through all the meetings and events I attended at the conference, I learned so much personal and professional growth that I could apply onto FIU’s Student Ambassador Program as well. Also, my team grew a stronger bond and we learned more about each other on a professional and personal level.

Interested in applying to become a 2017 Student Ambassador? Click here to learn more!

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