Student Ambassador Spotlight: Brandon Aquino

Student Ambassador Spotlight




Brandon Aquino
Expected Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Biological Science


How would you describe your years as an FIU student?
I’d like to describe it as an out of this world experience. I’ve never seen an institution with such dedicated and passionate professionals who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge with students. The professors I’ve had the honor of learning from are top notch, personable and lovely individuals. My first FIU experience was in Panther Camp. Here, I instantly felt the family aspect that embodies FIU. On campus, I’ve become part of several organizations, where family is a unifying ideal that they all strive to employ in their organization. So, to describe my years at FIU, it was like never leaving home and everyone I’ve met is my family.

Why did you decide to join the Student Ambassador Program?
For me, it was by chance that I decided to join the Student Ambassador Program. If it were not for me applying to another program, I would have never have met a past Student Ambassador who recommended the program to me. I decided to join the Student Ambassador Program as an outlet for me to be involved on campus. There are many places on campus to get involved, ranging from Student Organizations, employment on campus, Greek life, etc., but I found the Student Ambassador Program to be a good fit for my ambitions on campus, but also for my professional life, years beyond graduation. The leadership opportunities, professional development and hands-on experience were just too enticing to look away. Additionally, although large groups are fun and all, smaller groups, I find, are closer, creating that family aspect that FIU does its best to display to all its students.

What would you say to another student who is thinking about applying to be a future Ambassador?
Seriously consider applying, but only if you’re willing to work hard and are going to be committed to the program. Just as in the real world where life only rewards the few who remain dedicated, this program will do so as well. Everyone is unique in their own way, and among FIU’s diverse set of students, those who aren’t afraid to stand out and demonstrate their hard work and dedication are perfect for this program. So if you are going to apply, be ready to make a new close-knit group of colleagues as well as friends. It is an excellent opportunity for you to hone your skills as a young and growing professional while representing your university to the best of your ability.

What do you hope for this program and its future?
I hope this program continues to expand its reach and the amount of ambassadors in the program. I also hope that the program reaches the echelons of student organizations that students strive to apply and be in, giving it a proper prestigious place.

What other student organizations do you belong to?
I am currently the Treasurer of the Asian Student Union.

Why are you a proud panther?
One of my first experiences here at FIU was at Panther Camp. I firmly believe that all freshman should attend Panther Camp because of the experience, memories and values it teaches about FIU. Because of Panther Camp, I am a proud panther, for I was taught to love the university, its tradition and its infectious spirit. This university is so young and has so much potential to reach beyond what other universities are able and strive to do. Even though we are small in terms of our age to other Florida State Schools, we have so much ambition that in my opinion greatly exceeds the other state schools. This competitive aggression and closely knit community makes me proud to be a Panther.

What has your best memory as a Student Ambassador?
My best memory as a Student Ambassador was attending our 2-Day Fall Retreat at both MMC and BBC. I learned so much history about FIU that is unknown to the average student and what it takes to be a part of this intense program. It was informative and humbling because of the activities that we did, and to top it all off, our BBC activity on the TRAC Ropes Course was an exhilarating team building exercise. We were able to help each other literally reach new heights with teamwork and perfect coordination while getting to learn new things about one another along the way. I got to explore my adventurous side by climbing a 40-foot structure and launching myself off a 30-foot pole onto a trapeze bar, thus cementing my position as the monkey of the Student Ambassadors.

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