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Stay fit this new year with COREYAK

The creators of Yonanas have just released their latest invention, and it’s perfect for those wanting to get moving on their New Year’s Day resolutions.

Invented by FIU alumni Brian Machovina and Eileen McHale, COREYAK is a home fitness machine that mimics kayaking and rowing. It interacts via wireless technology with COREYAK Apps on smartphone and tablets to track fitness stats. It also has virtual reality goggles to provide real-time reactions of paddle movement within competitive video games. The interactive gaming component and adjustable resistance levels means COREYAK is good for youngsters to stay active too, according to the inventors.

Kayaking and rowing build strength in the upper body, especially the core, and most of the leg muscles. For Machovina, 30-minutes of working out with COREYAK helps him feel better after an entire work-day spent sitting at a desk. For McHale, it is the ideal complement to her health-conscious lifestyle.


“I do yoga and Pilates, but I realize I’m not doing enough cardio when I’m huffing and puffing as I go up and down the stairs,” McHale said. “There are high-end machines available for athletes to train with, but we wanted to create something that’s affordable for people to use in their homes.”

The machine retails for $399 but is currently on sale for $279 on More than the typical home fitness machine, COREYAK also immerses the user within high-definition kayaking videos through the Amazon, Everglades, Arctic and beyond. For Machovina, a biologist, and McHale, who earned a degree in environmental studies, their latest venture allows them to share their passion for environmental stewardship with the masses. They plan to donate a portion of the profits from COREYAK to marine conservation efforts and programs at FIU.


When Machovina and McHale moved to Miami nearly 30 years ago to pursue degrees at FIU, the first thing the Ohio natives did was buy kayaks to explore their new home. The high school sweethearts fell in love with the warm, tropical waters and have been kayaking ever since. They are also the inventors of Yonanas, a kitchen appliance that turns bananas and other fruits into frozen yogurt.“We wanted to bring in the emotional, experiential pleasures of kayaking and rowing to the people at home,” Machovina said. “It’s a great workout and fun adventure. But we also wanted to convey the message of the importance of marine conservation.”

via FIU News

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