DACA and undocumented students have a home at FIU

Provost and Executive Vice President Kenneth G. Furton and Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Lunsford sent the following memo to the university community on Nov. 28.

Dear members of the university community:

Many members of the FIU family have expressed concern about how potential federal policy changes may impact FIU students who are undocumented or are temporarily protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

We want to reassure you that our values of diversity and inclusion remain unchanged, and we are committed to supporting all of our students – including dreamers – while we follow the law.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about this issue that you may find helpful:

1.   What can our students expect from their FIU?

At FIU, we are guided by principles of inclusion and commitment to non-discrimination on the basis of national origin, and the protection of students’ confidential records. FIU will not divulge information about the citizenship status of its students, except as required by law, which would include a court order, or alternatively, with a student’s consent.

2.   May DACA and undocumented students continue to be legally enrolled at FIU?

Yes. As one of the most diverse universities in the country, we remain committed to supporting all of our students as they work toward their degrees. In 2014, the Florida Legislature made all students who graduate from Florida high schools and meet other conditions, including undocumented students, eligible to attend Florida public universities as in-state residents. This is the law in Florida. There will be no change, unless the Federal DACA program or Florida law changes.

3.   What steps has FIU taken to help protect undocumented and DACA students?

FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg has joined hundreds of presidents of private, public and religious colleges and universities across the nation in urging United States leaders to maintain and expand DACA and the protection of undocumented students. We also partner with TheDream.US in support of undocumented students.

4.   Is FIU taking any specific steps to support DACA and undocumented students who may be worried about their futures?

We recognize that some students are feeling additional stress, and we want to remind them that we have on-campus resources that can help. All the services of our Office of Counseling and Psychological Services are free to enrolled students and completely confidential.

5.   If I am a DACA or undocumented student who has further concerns, whom should I contact at FIU?

You may contact the Carlos Alberto Costa Immigration and Human Rights Clinic at 305-348-7541 or via email (

As a university community, we must remain emotionally and academically supportive of what our international university represents for our local and global community. We are proud of the role we play and look forward to continue being a place where people of diverse backgrounds come to forge their American Dream.

We will monitor any developments in this area of concern for our university community and communicate as appropriate.

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