Alumni Spotlight

August 2015 Member Spotlight

Peter Dubowsky

FIU Degree: B.A. in Political Science

Graduation Year: 1989

Lifetime Member since: 1994

Profession: Attorney, Dubowsky Law Office, Chtd.

Why he joined the FIU Alumni Association: I have so much gratitude for the opportunities and good times that I enjoyed at FIU back in the 80’s. I am now thousands of miles away in Las Vegas, Nevada, but being a Lifetime Member keeps me connected with my alma mater.

What does FIU mean to him: My days at FIU were full and I was privileged to be founder of some FIU institutions: starting the FIU radio station as its first Program Director, a founding brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon’s FIU Chapter, serving as an FIU Student Ambassador, Hillel and others.

Peter Dubowsky is a proud alumnus and lifetime member living in Las Vegas and serves as the FIU Alumni Ambassador for that region. An FIU Alumni Ambassador is an outstanding alumnus in a city, state or country that volunteers to be the Panther Point of Contact for that area. Ambassadors are here to help answer any questions about the region, provide travel and accommodation advice, to lead special initiatives in that area on behalf of the university, and meet with FIU alumni, friends, faculty and staff visiting the area.

 Feel free to reach out to Peter and make an FIU Las Vegas connection!

 Peter Dubowsky:

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