Prism Music Group revolutionizes Miami’s entertainment scene

In comparison to other U.S. cities, Miami’s budding arts and entertainment scene was missing the avenues to grow and showcase itself. There was never really a lack of musical and artistic talent in South Florida, however there was a shortage in the marketing and promotion of these talents.

That’s what Isabella Acker and The Prism Music Group set out to change.

Isabella Acker HeadshotWith a strong lineup of cultural programming and alluring events, Isabella and Prism are facilitating a collaborative and creative environment in the burgeoning Arts + Entertainment District in order to highlight the Magic City’s underground artistic community. From rooftop unplugged sessions to outdoor movie nights to farmer’s markets and community workshops, Isabella is truly embodying her title of curator of culture.

Before Isabella was transforming Miami’s art scene, she was an FIU student taking courses and participating in internships that would directly impact her career path. “While at FIU, I saw how what I was learning in the classroom could be taken into practical career building opportunities,” she recalls. “For me, FIU provided me the platform to shape and define what I wanted to do with my life.”

In particular, Isabella recalls how the event planning course with Professor Susan Gladstone directly exposed her to the types of clients she envisioned herself working with, like the Billboard Latin Music Awards and the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

After attending FIU, Isabella co-founded a live music marketing company, The Black Key Group, and later became the marketing director for Live Nation Florida Clubs and Theaters. While working with Live Nation, Isabella used her marketing expertise to repeatedly sell out shows for like acts Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend and Jack White, among many others.

At 27 years old, Isabella has quickly made a name for herself as a music marketing mastermind.

Miami’s Arts + Entertainment District is growing and Prism plans to stay right by its side. Isabella and Prism will continue to offer a unique set of creative (and free!) experiences for the local community to participate in – and they hope to see you there.

Don’t miss out on any of their upcoming events! Make sure you visit to see what’s in the works.

Headshot by: Janel Kilnisan 

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