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PSA: Stop putting your mailing address on your resume

It has come to my attention that there is no need to put your physical mailing address on your resume.

You are applying for jobs, networking, and interviewing. Potential employers aren’t going to physically mail you anything at this stage of the game. Plus, if you’re applying in the tech/digital space, you don’t want to seem out of touch.

When the employer is going to mail you anything (offer letter/benefits package, etc.) it will be after you get the verbal offer. And HR will already have your mailing address because it will be on your job application.

No job application? There will be an exchange from your employer that they need your physical address. Again, if you have gotten to this point, you have previously gave HR or your hiring manager your mailing address in some capacity. And if not, just send them an email as you already have their contact information. Simple.

Remember your resume is out there, and it’s very easy for your home address to get in the wrong hands and compromise your privacy.

There are many opinions about this, and here are some articles from Lifehacker, The Career Experts, Ask A Manager, and YouTern so you can make your own decision.

The safest compromise? Add your city/state. Here’s my example:


                                         Maria Tomaino
Miami, FL | | 305-348-3334 |


Clean, organized, and you don’t know my physical location in Miami. Win-Win.

Happy searching!


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