Alumni Spotlight

August 2014 Member Spotlight


Justin Low

FIU Degree: B.S. in Business Administration and MBA

Graduation Years: 2002 and 2004

Lifetime Member since: 2006

Profession: Associate Director for Administration at Harvey Mudd College

Why he joined the FIU Alumni AssociationMy decision to join the FIU Alumni Association as a lifetime member was an easy one. For starters, it helps to represent and symbolize that I am a proud alumnus of Florida International University. Staying involved with the Alumni Association also provides an official connection where I can easily maintain a relationship with the university. Furthermore, by giving back to my alma mater and the Alumni Association, I believe I am contributing to an institution that supports its alumni base and its current student population. In turn, this helps current FIU students benefit in a similar fashion as I did.

What does FIU mean to himAs an international student coming from Jamaica, FIU was a true “home away from home” for me. Learning in the classroom, living on campus, and engaging with the community provided me with opportunities and experiences that still benefit me to this day. I truly appreciate and value my time at FIU and what the institution has done for me. Some of my greatest memories are from my time at FIU, so much so that I have embarked on a career in higher education. FIU has had a tremendous impact on me and my family – my brother is also a two-time graduate – and I know that I will be maintaining a life-long relationship with the institution.

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