July 2014 SAA Scholarship Spotlight


Melissa Pierro

FIU Degree: B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication & M.S. Speech Language Pathology

Graduation Years: 2011 and 2013

Profession: Speech Language Pathologist for Broward County Public Schools

Why she joined the FIU Alumni Association: I joined the FIU Alumni Association because I am so proud to be an FIU graduate. The Alumni Association played a huge part in my success as an FIU student and now as a Speech Language Pathologist. During my undergraduate and graduate degrees at FIU, I served as a member of the Student Ambassador Association and held the title of Director of External Relations during my senior year. This program gave the me opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and network in my community.

What does FIU mean to her: Without FIU, I would never be in the place of my professional career that I am in today.  I am proud to say that  I am working in my dream profession and am a certified speech language pathologist for over 90+ children.

How the scholarship affected her life:  I was fortunate to receive a Student Alumni Association Scholarship which helped me to complete my undergraduate degree in 3 years and start my master’s degree immediately after graduation.


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