Alumni Spotlight

May 2014 Member Spotlight


Joy Wallace

FIU Degree: B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Graduation Year: 1981

Lifetime Member since: 2005

Profession: President and CEO of A Joy Wallace Catering

Why she joined the FIU Alumni Association: FIU is a fantastic school, which has grown tremendously over the years. I am so proud to be a part of that as an Alumni Association member!

What does FIU mean to her:  FIU was a huge stepping stone for me at a turning point in my career. Many years ago, I threw parties at my house for fun, not knowing I could take the skills I had and grow it into a career with the Hospitality and Tourism Management program. FIU offers an amazing opportunity to educate local and international students with their Hospitality and Tourism Management program and spectacular professors that make learning fun. FIU launched me into a passion-driven career!

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