Alumni Spotlight

April 2014 Member Spotlight


Daniel Espinosa

FIU Degree: B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication

Graduation Year: 2013

Member since: 2013

Profession: Corporate Marketing Coordinator, Simply Healthcare Plans

Why he joined the FIU Alumni Association: I joined the Alumni Association so I could give back to the FIU community. I decided to become more involved when I learned that there wasn’t an alumni chapter for the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. By founding the SJMC Alumni Chapter I hope to enhance the relationship the FIU Alumni Association has with SJMC students, alumni and faculty, as well as provide a point of reference for all SJMC alumni to create connections and build upon their skills.

What does FIU mean to him: FIU means two things to me: hope and opportunity. Hope for those who do to have the means to earn a higher level of education after high school and for those who aim to grow in every way possible. FIU also exudes opportunity. The opportunity for everyone, no matter the age, race, gender or otherwise to have the education and experiences they deserve. The opportunity to be part of something greater than themselves and give back to the community around them. FIU is a beacon for both of these crucial aspects of life.

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