Alumni Spotlight

September 2013 Member Spotlight

Harold Ford

FIU Degrees: MA, MBA, Specialist in Education Leadership

Graduation Years: 2004, 2005, 2008

Lifetime Member since: 2005

Profession: Assistant Principal at Brownsville Middle School and Volunteer Executive Director of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America Miami-Dade County Chapter

Why he joined the FIU Alumni Association: I joined the FIU Alumni Association to provide support to the institution which has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and helped me develop a unique and valuable skill set. In short, I joined the FIU Alumni Association to remain connected to the Panther Nation!

What does FIU mean to him: FIU means innovative empowerment. Through its programs, I experienced the employment of innovation and its degree programs and curriculum designed to take place students on the cutting edge of becoming Uncommon Thinkers. Ultimately, FIU means I’m Forward, Innovative, and Universal!

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