Alumni Spotlight

May 2013 Member Spotlight


Dr. Rebecca Mae “Becky” Salokar

FIU Degrees: B.A. in Political Science; J.D. (Law)

Graduation Years: 1981; 2009

Profession: Chair, Department of Politics and International Relations, Florida International University and Rebecca M. Salokar (Law Practice)

Why she joined the FIU Alumni Association: Joining the Alumni Association was one way to show my pride in FIU as a graduate. This small cost to support our university is nothing compared to what I received as  a student from the faculty, staff and fellow students at FIU.

Professional Organizations: American Political Science Association, The Florida Bar

Lifetime Member since: 1987

What does FIU mean to her: I have been fortunate to see FIU not only as a student (twice!), but also as a faculty member and an administrator. I am now the Chair of the department that awarded me my first degree in 1981, and from my office I see the law school where I earned my second FIU degree. To me, FIU means “opportunities.” FIU provided me and many others with opportunities to learn, to grow personally, to build professional networks, and to succeed. And opportunity are never so visible at FIU as they are on graduation day. Watching our students walk across the stage reminds me of my own graduations and evokes feelings of excitement for the future — the future of our students and the future of our university, which is ultimately tied to the success of students.

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