Alumni Spotlight

February 2013 Member Spotlight

Gabriel Albelo

FIU Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Graduation Year: 1993

Profession: Owner/President of Transamerica Training Management, Inc.

Why he joined the FIU Alumni Association: FIU as a public institution provides a great service to our South Florida Community. FIU is an institution that has changed the trajectory of so many individuals by providing ubiquitous career paths and flexible scheduling for both working and non-working students and professionals to obtain a Worlds Ahead degree. Its diversity is second to none with an impressive rate of first generation students. Like so many in our community that need to balance work and school, FIU provided me the skills and degree that make me successful today. Over the years after graduating from FIU, I kept hearing about the growth of the university and the significance of its role both locally and internationally so my curiosity led me to attend some alumni events and then I was hooked. I joined an FIU Alumni Committee which led to me joining the FIU Board of Directors. In short, I wanted to give back to the university that gave me so much.

Professional Organizations: FIU Board of Directors

Lifetime Member since: 2008

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