Zoe Torres

Founder and Creative Director of ZAG Creates

Zoe Torres is an advertising executive, media personality, matriarch, and life coach. A modern-day Renaissance woman, she is the founder and creative director of ZAG Creates, a boutique, full-service marketing and advertising agency based in Miami, Florida. ZAG helps brands throughout Miami, the nation and globally thrive as a result of her innovative ideas, personal touch, and deep understanding of the human experience. As the host and producer of Vida Mujer, an Emmy and GLAAD nominated show dedicated to empowering women from multicultural backgrounds, Zoe has established herself as a leader in the Latin American community. She hopes to impart the leadership skills she has learned to others as a certified success coach, allowing thousands of people to find their true purpose in life as she helps them toward professional and personal development.

Zoe’s achievements rest on the strong foundation of truth that guides her through life: the transformative power of love and the importance of understanding the benefits of connecting with your highest self in order to find fulfillment and inner peace.“By understanding oneself, we can better understand others. And if we can better understand others, we can change the world. Whether in business, politics or with our friends and family, we must all take a step inward before stepping outward.”