Dr. Shanequa Fleming

Founder and CEO of Culture Accelerators, Inc.

Dr. Shanequa Fleming is the founder and CEO of Culture Accelerators, Inc. and strategic advisor and executive coach to executives and senior leadership teams. For more than 20 years, Shanequa has helped organizations and leaders that span the landscape of society reimagine, redesign and optimize how they work. Her ability to forecast trends and move fluently from ideation to executionallowshertohelpeducation, healthcare, nonprofits, financial technology and agriculture organizations make critical culture changes necessary for the digital revolution.

As a strategist, change catalyst, and former Chief Learning Officer, Shanequa has discovered remarkable patterns related to how the greatest leaders and organizations create the future. She is passionate about igniting creative genius and inspiring meaningful work that has a ripple effect and lasting impact on the world. She is the architect of two award-winning leadership development/coaching programs, The WellExecutive® and TheWellPhysician® – recognized by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) for its futuristic, innovative content and structure.

In addition to working with leaders to create the future of their organizations and helping them build the capacity and capabilities to be more creative, flexible, and resilient in order to accelerate change, Dr. Shanequa Fleming is also an adjunct professor and speaker who is recognized as a leading expert in strategic foresight and accelerating change.